Welcome to Cookie Jar Farm

Helping you nominate effectively

Our singular aim here at Cookie Jar Farms is to support the decentralized goals of SwapDEX and Kusari.

To achieve this, we run multi-redundant validators located in globally diverse data centers that exceed the hardware requirements set by Substrate-based chains.

Each Cookie validator retains a large stash pool to ensure we are always within the top 300 validators and rewards are reliably & consistently provided each era (6 hours).

Select a farm below, nominate, and enjoy rewards!

New metric: Average Return!

Average Return Percentage and Average Return Rank are the newest (and greatest) ways to ensure you're nominating effectively! Average returns are calculated by the polkadot.js.org platform and averaged here for your awareness. A validator may be highly ranked based on total stake, but may be providing a low % return for its nominators. Armed with this knowledge, you're able to make better decisions with your stash!

Average % Return: 15.1%

Average Return Rank: 78 / 200

Average % Return: 17.1%

Average Return Rank: 39 / 300